There are many opportunities that the internet presents to Africans. The internet is such a powerful resource which can be used to turn ideas into reality!

Technology has fundamentally changed the way business is done globally and across the African continent. With superfast and affordable broadband now available, Zimbabwe businesses need to join the rest of the world in using the internet to grow their businesses.

That the internet has drastically impacted the everyday life of about 6 million consumers in Zimbabwe is without doubt. Renowned International and Local Speakers, who have led the rollout of technology initiatives for businesses on the continent, and beyond, have been invited to share their insights, experiences and successes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss how global developments, best practices and success stories can be adapted for the Zimbabwean market – thus ensuring that the internet becomes an everyday tool for local consumers as well as a powerful and valuable business platform.


This is not a conference focused on ideas, it is about what is here and now.

It is not a convention for technology professionals, it is for business strategists.

It is not a condescending attempt to teach senior executives how to run their business, but a dialogue among senior executives with the facilitation of people who have actually done and achieved.

The Broadband Economy Conference summarised

Your technology strategy (particularly the internet) is fast becoming if not already your underpinning strategy.

Your cost management strategy, growth strategy, customer retention strategy, marketing strategy… are all impacted, dependent or threatened by the internet. You and other senior strategy leaders will deliberate on these issues at the Broadband Economy Conference.

Internet service providers (ISPs) hold the key.

How can the above be achieved through collaboration with ISPs? Why has collaboration not been happening at a meaningful scale? Local ISPs will answer for themselves at the Broadband Economy Conference. Beyond that, you will hear case studies of successful cooperation between ISPs and non technology businesses in Zimbabwe and around the world.

Business models need a rethink.

Any industry – from agriculture and mining to retail financial services and education – can be disrupted by the internet. The actual truth is industries have already been disrupted. The Broadband Economy Conference will be a key conversation on how we, as businesses, can own the disruption ourselves and not be victims to it.